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September, 2018
7thBe-Bluesed BernBlues Workshop
Be-Bluesed 9/7/2018 City: Bern, Switzerland Dances: Blues Website:
7thBig Damn Blues Jam 2018 Columbus, OHBlues Workshop
Big Damn Blues Jam 2018 9/7/2018 City: Columbus, OH, USA Dances: Blues An entirely musicality-focused weekend, geared towards creating more dialogue between dancers and musicians and highlighting local bands. Teachers: Mike Legenthal, Dan Legenthal Bands: John Henry & the Rainmakers, Lil' Red & the Roosters, Brenny's Bandits
7thDig Deeper GothenburgBlues Workshop
Dig Deeper 9/7/2018 City: Gothenburg, Sweden Dances: Blues
7thMattias Gustavsson GöteborgBlues Workshop
Mattias Gustavsson 9/7/2018 City: Göteborg, Sweden Dances: Blues Dig deeper is a bit different than a regular workshop since there will be no or few dance classes. That gives us space for other things - lectures about blues dance blues music, community discussions, various kinds of dance practice sessions, DJ workshops, city excursions, scavenger hunts, silly games, an afternoon soul party, and more.

Registration opens in May. We'd love to have you.
Teachers: Adamo Ciarallo, Vicci Moore, Dan Repsch, Annette Kuehnle Bands: TBA
14thBlues River Notes - The Festival MilanBlues Workshop
Blues River Notes - The Festival 9/14/2018 City: Milan, Italy Dances: Blues
14thKorea Blues Camp SeoulBlues Workshop
Korea Blues Camp 9/14/2018 City: Seoul, Korea South Dances: Blues
14thLindy On The Rocks & Hot Night Fusion Weekend DenverBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Fusion, Tango, Solo Jazz, West Coast, Other Workshop
Lindy On The Rocks & Hot Night Fusion Weekend 9/14/2018 City: Denver, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Fusion, Tango, Solo Jazz, West Coast, Other Lindy on the rocks and Hot night fusion weekend are now conjoined. With dance classes spanning lindy, jazz, hip hop, tango, blues, fusion, and more... Find out more on either of our websites:
Teachers: Skye Humphries, Latasha Barnes, Nathan Bugh, Gaby Cook, Joshua McClean, Jenna Applegarth, Jon Tigert, Nicole Trissell, Nathaniel Abrea, Jesica Cutler, Joe Demers, and more Bands: Red Hot Rhythm Rocket, Jonathon Doyle Swingtet, Hal Smith's Swing Central, Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles, Trifilio Tango Trio, Chance's End, and more
20thNorth Star Blues MinneapolisBlues Workshop
North Star Blues 9/20/2018 City: Minneapolis, USA Dances: Blues
21stBlues Exchange @ Toulouse ToulouseBlues Workshop
Blues Exchange @ Toulouse 9/21/2018 City: Toulouse, France Dances: Blues
21stToulouse Blues Exchange TOULOUSEBlues Exchange
Toulouse Blues Exchange 9/21/2018 City: TOULOUSE, France Dances: Blues Blues Exchange @t Toulouse, it's:

-Good music with talented musicians and experienced DJs!
-Enthusiastic and warm community with nice dancers!!
-Original activities with lots of surprises to come!!!
-A pink city with Sun !!!!

And the registration opens on May 1st with early bird.
So, stop reading and book your WE from 22 to 24 September !!!!!

Here the link Facebook:
and the website:

See you soon ! :)
Bands: Agathe Da Rama
28thBlues Without Shoes 2018 RennesBlues Workshop
Blues Without Shoes 2018 9/28/2018 City: Rennes, France Dances: Blues It's a cozy festival in the heart of medieval city in France!

Classes, all night parties with live music, walking around the city with mysterious gide - all of this and something more is waiting for you!
Teachers: Lucky Brian Skillen (USA)
Nicolas Naman (France)
Virginie Walker (France)
Alina Vysotskaya (Belarus)
28thIllinois State University Lindy Exchange 2018 NormalBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Other Workshop
Illinois State University Lindy Exchange 2018 9/28/2018 City: Normal, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Other Save the date! We will have classes Saturday and dances Friday and Saturday evenings with a late night blues following both. Teachers: TBA Bands: TBA
October, 2018
5thBlues n Soul VI OrlandoBlues, Lindy, Fusion, West Coast Exchange
Blues n Soul VI 10/5/2018 City: Orlando, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Fusion, West Coast Blues n Soul VI is going to be a dance experience in artistic expression. Focusing on Soul, Blues, Modern, Funk, and music to get you grooving on the dance floor. Feel the connection all around you from the dancers, musicians, djs, artists, photographers, painters, and whatever other craziness we can come up with. Bands: The Beautiful Bobby Blackmon and the B 3 Band
12thRound Midnight Blue Dance Festival AthensBlues Workshop
Round Midnight Blue Dance Festival 10/12/2018 City: Athens, Greece Dances: Blues We welcome you to the beautiful city of Athens for our first international Blues Dance Festival!

Join us in October for an unforgettable Blues experience:
- 7 hours of Inspiring Classes
- 3 Parties in Astounding Venues
- Amazing Music by international and local bands & Djs
Teachers: Fabien Vrillon,Lisa Clarke,Adamo Ciarallo,Vicci Moore Bands: Stefano Ronchi,Storyville Ragtimers
19thBlues Muse 2018 PhiladelphiaBlues Workshop
Blues Muse 2018 10/19/2018 City: Philadelphia, USA Dances: Blues Blues Muse is one of the longest-running and most well-respected Blues Dance workshops in the world. It focuses strongly on the roles of leaders and followers in the dance, ranging from clear, technical communication to solo-movement expression within partnership. It's a place for followers to explore their voices, and for leaders to explore how and when to be receptive. If you're interested in inspiration, partnership, and connection, then join us for our 11th year at Blues Muse.

In our eleventh edition of Blues Muse, we plan to reinvest and refocus on our goals of connection and expression. Stay tuned for many exciting announcements!
Teachers: TBD Bands: TBD
26th505 Blues Dance: Brenda Russell Training & Playing - Blues, Jazz Workshop AlbuquerqueBlues, Solo Jazz Workshop
505 Blues Dance: Brenda Russell Training & Playing - Blues, Jazz Workshop 10/26/2018 City: Albuquerque, USA Dances: Blues, Solo Jazz We have a special workshop for you that you definitely want to be there for!

Featuring international instructor Brenda Russell ~!!!!

Friday (2hrs Workshop & Social Dance)
Not Your Grandma's Waltz (7-9pm)
One Step is one of the oldest known Blues Dances. Waltz is also a One Step Dance and is a cultural social dance all over the world. Many Blues songs are 6/8 or 3/4 time. Brenda will share various ways to move to Blues Waltz and 6/8 rhythms for magical blues dances.

Followed by dancing to live music (9pm till midnight)

Saturday (6 hrs Workshops & Social Dance)
Warm-up and Check-in( 10:00-10:30)

I Strut My Stuff (75 min) (10:30-11:45am)
One-Step is one of the earliest American social dances. Because of the fixed rhythm, body movement and maneuvering come to the forefront in distinguishing one style from another. We will explore many of the dynamics of One-Step dancing as well as various types of One Step such as Strut, Trot, Peabody, etc, as they connect to different types of music.

(15 min break) (11:45-12:00pm)

Giving It To You Straight (75 min) (12:00-1:15pm)
Early American Blues was commonly done in a binary or straight Blues style. When the music is subdivided by two the transitions of axis change and expressions of rhythm are small and efficient. Learn the fundamentals and tricks of dancing to Binary Blues from the Delta to Sweet Home Chicago.

Lunch (60 min) (1:15-2:45pm)

Cakewalk Into Town (75 min) (2:45-4:00 pm)
There was One-Step and it was good. There was a Two-Step and it was also good. Learn the roots of the American social dances that are the foundation for Blues, Swing and most popular American social dances. Savoy Walks/Swing Walks (commonly danced at the Savoy Ballroom) come forth from these original American dances, as well as many styles of Ballroom Blues.

(15 min break) (4:00-4:15pm)

That's Swingin' (75 min) (4:15-5:30pm)
Swung beats refer to a subdivision of three, or a triplet rhythm, as opposed to the Binary rhythms explored earlier. So now we have Ternary rhythms adding a wave to our Blues. We will explore 7 types of spinal movements that can be used to express Ternary Blues music.

Q&A/ Practice (30 min) (5:30-6:00pm)

Dinner Break (3 hrs) (6:00-9:00pm)

Evening Dance (9:00pm-Midnight)

Sunday (6 hrs Workshops & Social Dance)
Love that Afro Beat (10:30-12:00)
Find out what St. Louis Blues, Hound Dog, and Baby Scratch My Back have in common, and how to move into a four-beat basic structure of Two-Step dancing. Brenda will cover a simple survival kit for Afro-Latin Blues, and how to sink deep into the groove, as opposed to floating on top of the metronome. We will also explore the body movements derived from African, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-Latin dance.

(15min break) (12-12:15pm)

Digging Deeper (90 min) (12:15-1:45pm)
We will continue with One Step and Two Step Dances building layers of technique for added grace and efficiency, fun maneuvers, distinctive aesthetics for dances such as Strut, Trot, Grind, and Jazz movement for musical expression.

Lunch (75 min) (1:45-3:00pm)

Jook! (90 min) (3:00-4:30pm)
Coming back into the stationary dances of Binary and Ternary Blues to get you movin' and groovin', adding syncopations that will take you to that special place of continuous and effortless mechanics, as well as partner dynamics for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Practice/Q&A (90 min) (4:30-6:00pm)

Dinner and DJ'd Dance (8-11pm)
Teachers: Brenda Russell's bio:
As a movement educator and dance instructor Brenda spends her time advocating for movement based lifestyle and sensual living.

Brenda is currently documenting the body of work she has developed over the past two decades participating in cultural dances from African, Afro-Latin, African-American, and contemporary American cultures.

Brenda’s early dance training included about 30 dance styles. She has also studied historic music, dance, and social culture.

Brenda is a Qi Gong Instructor, Franklin Method Educator, and Hiking Guide. Brenda has been interested in and studying health, wellness, and mind-body from her earliest memories in the home, dedicating herself to improve nutrition, as well as maintain a functional and pain-free body.

Brenda continues to study and train with educators, historians, and practitioners, always striving to increase her understanding and ability. She currently studies under Eric Franklin, Katy Bowman, Zhenzan Dao, and Nii Ardey Allotey.
Bands: Friday Night:
The Julian Dossett Trio

Saturday Night: Joe Daddy & The Blues Guild
26thCats Corner: Lindy, Blues & Balboa Exchange MontréalBlues, Lindy, Balboa Exchange
Cats Corner: Lindy, Blues & Balboa Exchange 10/26/2018 City: Montréal, Canada Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa
November, 2018
3rdElm City Exchange New HavenBlues, Lindy, Fusion Exchange
Elm City Exchange 11/3/2018 City: New Haven, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Fusion Hosted by Yale Swing Blues Fusion (YSBF) - our annual swing/blues/fusion exchange!
8thHoly City Blues IX Charleston, SCBlues Exchange
Holy City Blues IX 11/8/2018 City: Charleston, SC, USA Dances: Blues Join us in charming Charleston, South Carolina, Nov 8-11, 2018 and share in our love for the great American music and dance tradition: The Blues!
9thMoonshine Lindy & Blues Festival Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, United KingdomBlues, Lindy, Fusion, Solo Jazz, Shag, Other Workshop
Moonshine Lindy & Blues Festival 11/9/2018 City: Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, United Kingdom Dances: Blues, Lindy, Fusion, Solo Jazz, Shag, Other Register here:

Please join us for the 3rd annual Moonshine Lindy & Blues Festival in the stunning Scottish countryside!

Core tracks: Lindy Hop, Blues & Solo Jazz

Teachers confirmed:
Gaby Cook (USA) & Adam Brozowski (USA)
Jenny Sowden (USA) & Daniel Repsch (USA)
Joshua McLean (USA)

As well as core classes, we'll have our usual line up of traditional taster classes in Lindy, Blues & Jazz concepts in addition to an eclectic mix of other styles on offer with a selection of UK-based teachers TBA.

This unique residential takes place all on-site at the beautiful vintage spa hotel, Peebles Hydro, which boasts a heated pool, sauna, steam room & jacuzzi. There's also lots of exploring to do in and around the village of Peebles including hill walks, castles & more. We're looking forward to welcoming you!

Please see our website for further details:
Teachers: Jenny Sowden and Daniel Repsch Bands: yes
9thSignifyin' Blues 2018 LOS ANGELESBlues Workshop
Signifyin' Blues 2018 11/9/2018 City: LOS ANGELES, USA Dances: Blues Honoring the Origins of Blues

Teachers: Damon & Kelsy Stone, Laney Barhaugh, Kenneth Shipp, Heidi Fite, Whitton Frank, & More. Bands: Barbara Morrison, Missy Andersen, Brother Yusef, Weapon of Choice, Blaux Bros, & many more!
10th1st Annual Japan Blues Practice & Party NagoyaBlues House Party
1st Annual Japan Blues Practice & Party 11/10/2018 City: Nagoya, Japan Dances: Blues Blues dancers in Japan from different cities decided to gather for 1 weekend of Blues at practice studios (and possibly Karaoke rooms as well!) Details are still being decided but the date appears decided.
10thNagoya Blues Weekend NagoyaBlues House Party
Nagoya Blues Weekend 11/10/2018 City: Nagoya, Japan Dances: Blues Blues dancers in Japan from different cities decided to gather for 1 weekend of Blues at practice studios (and possibly Karaoke rooms as well!)
16thPittStop Lindy Hop PittsburghBlues, Lindy Exchange
PittStop Lindy Hop 11/16/2018 City: Pittsburgh, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy Social dance all weekend, no comps or classes to interfere with the pure joy of dancing! Live swing bands in the afternoons and evenings and live blues for the late night!
23rdBlues in the Hudd HuddersfieldBlues Workshop
Blues in the Hudd 11/23/2018 City: Huddersfield, United Kingdom Dances: Blues Returning for it 3rd year!
One of only 2 all blues events in the UK this year!

Awesome classes, brilliant bands, ace DJs, great venues & lovely people!

Europe's only switch & match comp, affordable pricing, 10+ hours of classes plus 2 taster classes!
Teachers: Ruth & Mike, Leigh & Daire Bands: The David Broad Band, The Niffi Osiyemi Trio, Paolo Fuschi
30thBluesy Christmas 2018 RennesBlues, Fusion Workshop
Bluesy Christmas 2018 11/30/2018 City: Rennes, France Dances: Blues, Fusion It's never too early for Christmas! The second edition of the workshop in Rennes (France) with 4 hours of classes for 3 levels. Teachers: Alex Pierre & Marion Boudeville (Rennes), Arnaud Romien & Mélodie Romien Cadot (Tours)
December, 2018
14thWinter Wonderland Blues NurembergBlues Workshop
Winter Wonderland Blues 12/14/2018 City: Nuremberg, Germany Dances: Blues Enjoy an amazing, festive Blues dance event with Jenny Sowden, Annette Kühnle and Hamed Jenabi. High level of classes, German christmas markets and a Saturday christmas dinner give you the opportunity to celebrate this lovely season with your blues dance friends.
2 tracks (Intermediate and Advanced) 3 parties with live music and lots of mulled wine and bisquits.
Teachers: Jenny Sowden, Annette Kühnle, Hamed Jenabi Bands: tba
January, 2019
11thCrazy Blues 2019 Montecatini TermeBlues Workshop
Crazy Blues 2019 1/11/2019 City: Montecatini Terme, Italy Dances: Blues A full immersion weekend dedicated to the Blues dance and the Blues live music in a "All inclusive" formula (accommodation + classes + parties).
The festival is located in the middle of beautiful, charming Tuscany in Italy, and more precisely in Montecatini Terme, a suburb of Pistoia famous for its thermal water and the Liberty style.
Teachers: Ruth & Mike (USA); Ilaria & Nick (UK); Leanna Peled Rozen (Germany) Bands: Stefano Ronchi, Bob Jay & the Blues Band; more has to be added
18thBrickyard Blues 2019 Atlanta, GABlues Workshop
Brickyard Blues 2019 1/18/2019 City: Atlanta, GA, USA Dances: Blues Blues dancers from 17 states streamed into Atlanta during March 2018 for Brickyard Blues. For our inaugural year, we went big with live music in classes, three nights of live blues music, two days of classes, multiple historic venues, and fantastic instructors from across the US.

For 2019 we will be adding more class tracks while keeping our commitment to awesome live music, world class instructors, and great venues.

Join us as we build an already great event into something epic.
Bands: Atlanta blues bands that tour nationally and internationally
25thBreizh Blues Invasion 2019 RennesBlues Workshop
Breizh Blues Invasion 2019 1/25/2019 City: Rennes, France Dances: Blues Welcome to a friendly event in a midieval city of France!

This year we prepare for you:
- 2 parties with 2 live bands;
- 7 hours of classes of coupled and solo blues;
- 8 international teacher;
- french spirit and good memories of cource!!!

A bientot!
Teachers: Cedric Clerc / Caroline Flaivre (France)
Dmitrij Ivanov / Olga Podoliakina (Lithuania/Belarus)
Nicolas Naman / Virginie Walker (France)
Dexter Santos (USA)
Alina Vysotskaya (Belarus)
February, 2019
1stBlack Label Blues EdinburghBlues, Fusion Workshop
Black Label Blues 2/1/2019 City: Edinburgh, United Kingdom Dances: Blues, Fusion Black Label Blues returns in 2019 to continue building the blues dance community. This time we are featuring:

- Foundations and General level workshops with Damon Stone
- Classes with some of our blues community heroes
- 3 parties!
- An optional teacher training programme with Damon Stone
- Limited numbers to keep that friendly community vibe
- All in a boutique hotel in Edinburgh - limited residential passes will be available.
Teachers: Damon Stone Bands: TBC
1stRuth & Mike in Stockholm 2019 StockholmBlues Workshop
Ruth & Mike in Stockholm 2019 2/1/2019 City: Stockholm, Sweden Dances: Blues For the second time, by public demand, we bring you Ruth and Mike for a small & intimate Workshop in Stockholm. Teachers: Ruth and Mike Bands: Dan Nash
8thBlack Coffee Blues Exchange 2019 Tel AvivBlues Exchange
Black Coffee Blues Exchange 2019 2/8/2019 City: Tel Aviv, Israel Dances: Blues You might call it winter, but in Tel Aviv spring will have arrived!

Three nights and four parties in amazing venues as well as a pre-party and after party is what we like to call value for money. Those of you who have been here before know that we put music first and will have outstanding live music and DJ's that will have you dancing until the early hours. This year we are also adding a series of lectures about blues music and history to go together with the parties.
15thBackwater Blues Huntsville, ALBlues Workshop
Backwater Blues 2/15/2019 City: Huntsville, AL, USA Dances: Blues Backwater Blues is focused specifically on the education and preservation of the sub genre of vintage blues idiom dances known as Ballroomin' Blues. Teachers: Mike Legenthal, Dan Legenthal, Julie Brown, Laney Barhaugh Bands: Taryn Newborne and The K-Night Owls
15thIn Love With Blues 2019 ToursBlues, Fusion Workshop
In Love With Blues 2019 2/15/2019 City: Tours, France Dances: Blues, Fusion In Love With Blues second edition!
6h of classes (4 levels) with 3 couples of teachers from all over the world.
2 parties, 1 tea party.
Live music, DJ Eric and DJ Su.
J&J competition.
Teachers: Caroline Faivre & Cédric Clerc (Strasbourg, France), Melanie Mas & Albert Roca Vila (La Garriga, Spain), Dawa Jung & Youngdon Kown (Seoul, Korea) - my narcissistic home page. It don't mean a thing..

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